Friday, January 19, 2018


Embracing more traditional aspects of femininity. MiC design encourages choosing to dress like a "girly girl" or embodying '60s style รก la women of Mad Men can be just as empowering as any other sartorial choice — because it's on their own terms. Whether you want to go all-out girly or just add a bit frilly femininity to your wardrobe, these fashion choices are par for the course, will support just how to pull off a polished and classic style on and off the links.

Model: Amy Winberg
Photographer: Eddie Felix
Location: The Ingleside Inn & Resort Palm Springs, CA


SB said...

Hi MiC Ladies! Thank you , thank you for keeping us fashionistas on our fashion trend toes :). LOVE, LOVE The Niki dress design! SB

LM said...

Very excited to see the release of MiC's DRESS COLLECTION... Femininity indeed... sassy and very classy! All the Best, LM

Anonymous said...

I hope to see a LPGA golfer wearing MiC designs again soon! Robert Sternberg (WA)