Friday, June 29, 2018


Introducing MiC Nellie and Mabel ensemble. 1894 Harper's Bazar showed the practical ensemble many women golfers were wearing at that time.  It consisted of a skirt that was several inches off the ground, and a simple blouse. In 1904 Thomas Burberry of London brought back the raisable skirt which had been popular decades earlier with crochet players.  Through the use of a drawstring, the skirt could be raised up to eight inches or so above the ground.

Model: Amy Winberg
Photographer: Eddie Felix
Location: The Ingleside Inn & Resort Palm Springs, CA



SB said...

Wanted to give a shout-out to my favorite designer women's golf brand MIC Sportswear! Love your designs!!! Susanne B :)

Anonymous said...

Your Nikki dress came at a time when I needed it the most. That dress looked so fabulous I've worn it to cocktail parties with red suede heels, art gallery auctions with black studded heels, and I even put on a bright red hat and wore the dress to Sunday mass at Holy Rosary. Each time I wear it, my husband says it's his favorite, and he never comments on my clothes because fashion is not something he's a fan of. But this dress, so striking, so dazzling, set me apart from every woman on the golf course, and I was happy that my golf score was a confident 82. Men on the other tees made complimentary remarks, and, well, that dress turned me into a flirt, in southern social kind of way. I just have a good time when ever I put the "Nikki" on.

Chrissie TN