Saturday, September 22, 2018


MiC is distinguishable by its ultra-design, whimsical styles, smart and sassy appeal. Surprisingly playful accents are a signature element and highlight the attention to detail in every collection. Whether you’re hitting from poolside or the rough, or going for that ace in the hole, we trust wearing the MiC brand gives you that extra ego strut to play it as it lies and show off your style de mode!

Photo: JADE Dress Design
Model: Amy Winberg
Photographer: Joe Stemmer
Location: Palm Springs, CA


SB said...

Happy weekend my favorite women's golf clothing brand! Yes, once again, you have exceeded the boundaries of the "establishments idea of women's golf attire". LOVE, LOVE the new appeal of your new collection! SB, California :)

Anonymous said...

The Lilly was just too too cute as was the Jade dress. From the looks of the sleeves, I didn't think Jade would look good on me, but to my surprise, it looked better than good. So fun! I will have to get use to the sleeves while paying golf, but after a few practice swings with a club, Jade will work well on the course. Love love the pockets. Chrissie, TN

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, believe it or not, was 80 degrees here in I decided to wear the Jade dress as its debut appearance at Glen Eagle our navel golf course in Millington, TN. My league ladies thought it was to die for, perfectly paired with my hat. The sleeves were no problem to golf in, and the checkered fabric was cool enough to be comfortable the whole day. I'm pretty sure it was "the" dress that lowered my score considerably that day. At the grocery store later that day, a woman in a handicap scooter came up to me and said it was the cutest golf outfit she had ever seen, and I took a moment to tell her all about your company because she was so interested. On or off the golf course, I love wearing your clothes.
Wishing you continued success in all things MIC, Chrissie TN